Online Registration

You can now register on-line as a new Trunce competitor. Click on the “Register” option in the site menu bar and complete the required details. You will then be sent a confirmation link which will then complete the registration process and allocate you a race number.

Make a note of your new race number and use it for every race that you take part in.

Please note, once you have registered online, you will need to check in and pay your race fee at each race so that we know you are running.

Trunce 5/7/21

We’re holding a race on Monday 5th July. Due to the ongoing Coronavirus restrictions the number of runners is limited and competitors must pre-enter using this link.

The current entry list is available here.

Please note: entries for this race will close at midnight on Friday 2nd July.


At the last race, I had to deal with a complaint from one of the residents who lives in the houses backing on to the field. She was understandably very upset at having to watch our competitors using the bushes at the bottom of her garden as a toilet.

Please do not do this. We pay for the toilets at the pub to be open for your use. If you must use the outdoors, please use the far end of the field.

Anyone caught using the area remotely near the houses will be disqualified, not to mention potentially being charged and prosecuted for indecent exposure.

2019 Season

Hi all, just getting prepared for the 2019 season. The race dates for this year are posted here. The PB times have now been re-calculated, if you’re unsure how this is done, it’s explained in the rules.

For this year, the entry fee will be £2.00 per race. The increase of 50p per competitor will be donated to Woodhead MRT, partly because a number of their members give time to help with the Trunce and also because they are a nice bunch of folks who deserve it.

Race 4 Number Allocation

In Race 4 we mistakenly allocated the same numbers to two runners for a group of new entrants. I have allocated new numbers to half of the people affected as detailed below. Your new number is in the left column, the number you were mistakenly given is shown after your surname. I will now try and separate out the results so that your correct time is shown against the new number. If you have already been in contact with details to clarify, then I should be able to sort it for you. If you have not yet been in touch, could you submit a results query to let me know your approximate race time. Thanks for your patience, I will hopefully have this sorted before next race.

6210 Grace Proud (dup 6170)
6211 Antonia Yorkshire (dup 6171)
6212 Dale Prentice (dup 6172)
6213 Kelly Rhodes (dup 6173)
6214 Tom Henshaw (dup 6174)
6215 Debbie Macklam (dup 6175)
6216 Tracy Bridget (dup 6176)
6217 Daniel Jones (dup 6177)
6218 Paul Millen (dup 6178)
6219 Will Thompson (dup 6183)
6220 Joe Mina (dup 6184)
6221 Ian Moody (dup 6185)
6222 Rachel Liptrot (dup 6186)
6223 Stephen Calverley (dup 6187)
6224 Dez Mitchell (dup 6188)
6225 Lee Warren (dup 6189)

Offroad Race Series