Stats at Race 9

Looking at the turn-out statistics for the races this season, we have 21 competitors who have run all 9 races. 459 seem to have found it all too much.

  • 9 Races: 21
  • 8 Races: 32
  • 7 Races: 27
  • 6 Races: 57
  • 5 Races: 57
  • 4 Races: 68
  • 3 Races: 119
  • 2 Races: 209
  • 1 Race: 459

First race next year is on Monday 4th April.

Some Stats From Last Year

I’ve just been doing some checking through last year’s results:

  • 10 (1%) people ran all 9 races
  • 34 (3%) people ran 8 races
  • 39 (4%) people ran 7 races
  • 39 (4%) people ran 6 races
  • 63  (6%) people ran 5 races
  • 88 (9%) people ran 4 races
  • 121 (11%) people ran 3 races
  • 222 (21%) people ran 2 races
  • 424 (41%) people ran 1 race

In total we had 1040 competitors throughout the season.

The most prolific competitors (since we started logging results electronically) are:

  • 845 Mark Smales – 83 Races
  • 1161 Andrew Chalkley – 80 races
  • 995 Kevin Yewlett – 76 races
  • 367 Samantha Hulbert – 75 races
  • 969 Stuart Woodhead – 71 races

Trunce Poster

Steve Frith has produced a Trunce 2014 A3 poster – featuring some of his excellent photography of runners that have taken part in the series. Copies will be available to buy at the last Trunce, on Monday 8 September. At only £10 it’s a great memento of this years Trunce. All money goes to Malaria No More UK (Mossie Net Photography).


Also, don’t forget that the last race of the series is Fancy Dress!

2014 Race 2 Results

The results from race 2 are now available on-line… I have now made a couple of amendments where there were incorrect numbers entered. Race 1 points have been re-calculated as there have been a number of amendments to people’s age category. If you think you are in the wrong age category, please use this form to provide age details and we will amend our records.

Entry Fee Change

From race 2 onwards, the entry fee will now be £1.50 per race – any surplus proceeds from the race series will be donated to local causes.

Also, for the benefit of the road runners, there are 3 drinks stations along the route situated at each of the river crossings, but competitors will need to provide their own cups.

2014 Race 1 Results

Finally, after a bit of work, the results from race 1 are now available on-line.

There were a few queries on the results after Monday’s race, and I have now updated the results to catch up with these queries so hopefully no-one’s missing and PBs are correct.

If you have not yet filled in one of the contact details/registration forms you can now do it on-line here, so please take the time to do it. Once you have registered, we will be able to calculate your age category automatically. P.S. You only need to complete the form once, not for every race.

Offroad Race Series